Problems With Potency After 40

In recent decades, medical opinion on the causes of impotence has changed dramatically. If earlier it was believed that almost all cases of impotence is caused by psychological problems, but now doctors are of the view that in 85% of cases of erectile dysfunction are guilty of the disease and physical problems, and only 15% of cases the causes are psychological.

Diseases that cause impotence are: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hormonal disorders, metabolic syndrome, neurological disease, prostate adenoma, physical trauma, etc.

The risk of these diseases increases with age, consequently, the risk of impotence is also increased with age, while at a young age with potency problems often are caused by psychological factors.

Age - is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction. According to statistics, at least 10% of men face this problem in the age of about 20 years, about 20% of men 'acquire' impotence to 40 years, 70 years more than 50% of men are unable to lead a normal sex life and 80 years - almost 80%.

Nevertheless, we cannot all be blamed on age. The main thing - it's state of health of each man. If a man is watching their health, then in 60 years it may look 40, but in his bed and give way to 30-year-old "stallions".

Fortunately, problems with potency in most cases can be cured. Some interesting statistical facts on this subject:

  • Approximately 20% of the treatment to the urologist about erection problems receives no treatment because cause not resolves without medical assistance.
  • More than 20 million people around the world use Viagra - the drug became renowned, helping to restore potency.
  • In 66% of cases, Viagra is effective and gives a man the ability to have full erections and good sex.

So, how Viagra Online affects on the body of a man? This drug acts on the natural ability of the penis to get an erection, improving its quality and durability. Viagra does not give a man anything to which he initially was not able to, and does not turn it into a sex machine.

But Viagra is not only convenient to use, but also acts quite natural that it is equally important for the body of men. Increased erection, which causes the drug, not only seems natural - it really is as follows. Chubby, supported Viagra starts from the same reasons, that without medication - from erotic fantasies, from the exciting sights and touches - from the same, that excites all the "normal" man. Under the action of Viagra, the influence of these stimuli on the body - greatly expands the main arteries supplying blood to the penis, thereby increasing its blood supply. All this combined provides a stable and lasting penile erection.

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