Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Unfortunately erectile dysfunction is the most frequent misfortune in the life of every man. But time moves on and nowadays medicine achieved great success when it comes to the curing of this horrible disease. Though technology of diagnosis and the methods of treatment are worked out very meticulously, nevertheless such a diagnosis is the strongest blow to men’s ego.

Since the dawn of time the main reason of sexual power loss was deemed to be a psychological problem. Nowadays all indispositions of the sterner sex are explained by diseases of internals, because the mechanism of erection works only if the body system works in a befitting way.

Nowadays we can figure out some reasons of erectile dysfunction:

  • Diabetes mellitus, drug and alcohol addiction or metabolic disturbance. When a man is afflicted with one of these diseases, nerve impulse transmission occurs and consequently neurological circuit, which is responsible for erection, injures.
  • Problems with erection very often occur because of spinal or brain cord diseases.
  • Sexual urge frequently decreases because of hormonal conditions.
  • Atherosclerosis, some inborn defects and other diseases of blood vessels unfortunately may also lead to the appearance of this disease.
  • Indirect results after medication taking can be the main reason of erectile dysfunction. So you should be on medication only after doctor’s recommendations and take them according to the prescriptions.
  • However, frequent reasons are neurotic disorders or depressions.

If to believe statistics we can see that two of ten men suffer from this disease and only every tenth person asks the doctor’s advice. Men should know that in the majority of cases sexual power can be recovered.

Speaking about the main methods of treatment, it worth to be mentioned that drug therapy is regarded as the most expeditious. This method is conservative and doesn’t take many efforts. Among the other methods it ought to be noted the following ones:

  • Intracavernous injection of vasoactive medicines,
  • Intraurethral therapy,
  • Surgical treatment ( this method is rarely used because of high efficiency of drug therapy),
  • Psychotherapeutic methods.

All these words may sound eerily but one shouldn't be afraid of them because in the majority of cases drug therapy is used. Nowadays one of the most widely used medicines is considered to be Viagra and erectile dysfunction treatment with Viagra is easy and doesn’t require many efforts.

First of all one should remember that Viagra is not a doubtful composition of ingredients. It passed pharmacological inspection and now is widely used in various countries. The majority of patients who take this drug can boast by enhancement of sexual life.

But before taking Viagra you should ask the doctor’s advice because in some cases side effects may happen. Luckily they are not frequent and doesn’t demand stopping of taking drug.

One should know some things before erectile dysfunction treatment with Viagra. The first one is that this drug acts after the first tablet, though in some cases four tablets are required. So, before making conclusion about inefficiency, try at least four times.

Don’t forget that Viagra makes the erection stronger and in any case sexual excitement plays the main role.

Don’t use medicine on a full stomach because fat food decreases drug input.

Viagra starts acting in 30 minutes after taking and the action lasts approximately four hours.

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